About Us

“Do the universe a favor, don’t hide your magic”

Rich Gypsy is a handmade brand with one of a kind hand crafted jewelry, art, and home decor that speaks to your inner goddess and free-spirited soul. Using natural elements and quality materials like Quartz crystals and genuine gemstones, I intend to bring good vibes and positive energy to every piece I create.

We are the dreamers. We are rich in culture and have a thirst for adventure and the unknown. We are inspired by art, music, nature, literature, and the universe around us. Rich Gypsy believes everyone has something magical in them and encourages you to embrace that magic.

I invite you to wander along with us!

Meet Lindsay / Founder of Rich Gypsy

Hi! I’m Linz, the creative visionary behind Rich Gypsy. I am a graphic designer and artist as well as a self-taught jewelry designer. My vision for Rich Gypsy was to create a brand that was the perfect blend of bohemian and eclectic styles while still maintaining a magical feel. I want to inspire people to live a rich life and take adventures. Each piece is handmade with passion and designed with good intentions.

Rich Gypsy started as a side project while I was teaching art and design in Florida in 2014. Originally I was restoring vintage purses by painting and embellishing them into pieces of art. I started adding in pieces of jewelry to my line and never looked back. After a few years of teaching I moved back to New York to pursue a new adventure. I began working as a jewelry designer full time for a company where my designs were sold to big name stores. I thought I landed my dream job, but the universe had other plans for me and unfortunately the company closed its doors. This left me wondering what my next step would be. In 2018 the stars aligned and I found myself moving to a quaint cabin in the woods of the Pocono Mountains. I’ve visited over 10 countries, moved 16 times and lived in 3 different states and I knew right away this was where all the magic would happen. I now live and work full time here in the Rich Gypsy studio in Pennsylvania.

I invite you to wander along with us! #gemsforgypsies